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"The marketing agency for the time-poor. We partner with you to develop strategic marketing action, creating a compound effect to deliver advantageous results over time."

What We Do

A short list of our most popular services

Marketing Strategy Development

Social Media Marketing

Google Ads Managment

Business Owner

Creative Consultations

SEO Strategies

Facebook Advertising

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Who You Are

You're an ambitious entrepreneur finding yourself stretched thin on time managing every aspect of your company projects, in an effort to further grow business. We understand that you're passionate, your time is precious, and you may be growing impatient with poor marketing performance.


You're seeking to reclaim your time, refocus, and build trust with a supportive marketing partner that is passionate about your company's long-term success. 

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Who We Are

Drawing from over a decade of experience, we've participated in a range of marketing departments and garnered valuable insights working for other marketing agencies. Encouraged by the trust and support of our clients, we've branched out on our own as Slight Edge Marketing. We have kept what works and done away with unfavourable methods we've experienced in the industry. At Slight Edge Marketing, we are your dedicated marketing agency and consultants. We understand the challenges faced by business owners who are juggling multiple responsibilities and seeking a competitive edge in the digital age.

We specialise in tailored marketing services that aim to bridge the gap between the status-quo of business today and further growth potential. Our personalised marketing strategies give your business the advantage it needs to prosper in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. We enjoy working alongside like-minded people with realistic expectations and a long-term growth mindset, who are ever-willing to be proactive and are hungry for success.


Who We Help

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